Chennai Coastal Cleanup

Welcome to the 5th year edition of the Chennai Coastal Cleanup co-organized by The Hindu and The Chennai Trekking Club

Our ambitious target for June 8th is to collect 50+ tons of garbage from 20+km of Chennai beaches with 5000+ volunteers both individual volunteers, corporates, schools and NGOs all joining hands together to send a strong message of environmental awareness and conservation within our society. Coordination of this massive cleanup operation will be done by a 100+ member organizing team of the Chennai Trekking Club who will coordinate with both groups and individual volunteers at the 15+ target beach zones.

Groups (Corporates, schools, NGOs) will report to their designated beach zones on Sunday morning through their own transport and join the cleanup effort along with individual volunteers. The cleanup will happen between 6-8:30am. Corporates have to procure bio-degradable garbage bags, gloves and refreshments beforehand for their employees. Contact details of bags/gloves vendors will be shared. Estimated cost per head is around 60Rs. Schools, NGOs and individuals can participate free of cost (bags, gloves, refreshments will be sponsored).

Garbage will be segregated in various categories (plastics, glass, bio-degradable...) and recycled to the maximum extent possible to minimize the percentage of leftover sent to the garbage dump. CTC will coordinate with third-party recycling companies and the Chennai Corporation for safe disposal of the remaining garbage. Volunteers and groups participating in the cleanup will be educated by CTC's Green team on segregation of materials.

The entire event will be extensively covered by our event partner The Hindu as well as a broad awareness campaign on the social media supported by a large team of photographers of the Chennai Trekking Club to carry our message of conservation to a wide audience. Last year 5500 people participated in the 4th year edition of our Coastal Cleanup including 3000 individual volunteers and 100+ corporates, schools and NGOs cleaning up 40 tons of garbage from our coastline.

Theme of this year's cleanup is both conservation and recycling. On June 7th evening there will be an exhibit at Eliot beach in which various vendors active in recycling, segregation, green & bio-degradable products will display their range of products and create awareness among the public.

About Us

V Trust is a team of dedicated volunteers, being functional in helping needy children, and was registered with the Government of Tamil Nadu in December 2007. Having ‘Educational and Social support to needy children’ as the core objective, V team meets at least around 700 children every year to conduct various activities for them to make them involve, share, enjoy, and perform, thereby bringing a sense of belonging and ‘we feeling’ in them. ‘V’ aims at inducing the thought of service in the hearts of youths by providing a platform to join hands at every opportunity to help needy children and pour their innovative thoughts for the ennoblement of the deserving, with primary focus on and education.