Rhythm Of Love

Melody of Joy is one of our best and prized events we conduct for the children. It is a cultural fest provided solely for the children from many homes,to have a chance to participate,be important,and have fun and to gain loads and loads of attention. It is the time of fun and frolic and melody of joy has always been a time when V trust has had the wonderful opportunity of providing the children with various chances and to see smiles lit on their faces with genuine happiness. About 12 homes participate every year and more than 400 children come over to grace the show with their presence. Just like any other culutural program,it too has the competitions, Chief Guests,speeches,Food,Events etc. Except it's alot more special than a normal cultural fest. 

About Us

V Trust is a team of dedicated volunteers, being functional in helping needy children, and was registered with the Government of Tamil Nadu in December 2007. Having ‘Educational and Social support to needy children’ as the core objective, V team meets at least around 700 children every year to conduct various activities for them to make them involve, share, enjoy, and perform, thereby bringing a sense of belonging and ‘we feeling’ in them. ‘V’ aims at inducing the thought of service in the hearts of youths by providing a platform to join hands at every opportunity to help needy children and pour their innovative thoughts for the ennoblement of the deserving, with primary focus on and education.